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Through years of scientific research and product development, we have put together one of the most natural and comprehensive systemic cleansing programs available today.

But First, let’s address why the need for systemic cleansing is vital to your health and well being.

Why Do We Need To Cleanse?

What went wrong? Despite the most advanced medical technology the world has ever witnessed, Western diseases are running rampant and people are worse off beyond measure.

Degenerative diseases are continuing to increase at alarming rates with no sign of slowing down

The biggest 3 culprits are:

      1) Nutrient Deficiencies In The Soil And Foods
      2) Prescription Drugs (and Their Side Effects), And
      3) Lack Of Detox From Environmental Factors And Lifestyle Choices (Processed Foods, Tap Water, Big City Pollution, Etc).

It’s no wonder Approximately two-thirds of the population is suffering from one of many Nutrient deficiencies and over half take at least one prescription drug a day.

The world we live in has been domesticated to choose convenience over quality.

Not surprisingly, from the tv, to the corner store, to the billboards, brand name advertising encourages unhealthy eating choices and effectively disregards the negative health implications

Having lost the focus on how to properly nourish our cells and support our body’s natural immunity system, optimal health has become a lost art.

In addition to poor dietary habits, Pollution is all around us and we are now seeing the consequences of being a wasteful society.

We are constantly exposed to invisible toxins as radiation, electro-magnetic pollution, heavy metals, pesticides, and many other chemicals that are extremely physically demanding on the body and have undesirable side effects if over exposed and not dealt with.

Why Detox Our Bodies?

We are starting to think bodily aches and pains and low energy levels are a standard way of living.

It is essential to detoxify and cleanse your body on a regular basis so it can naturally expel these harmful substances without experiencing toxic overload.

These toxic materials are ultimately the underlying issue for all major diseases resembling arthritis, cancer, malnutrition, obesity, inflammation, and diabetes just to name a few. …

So that begs for the question, what can we do to help our own self out?

How do we detox from all of these invisible killers and misguided dietary habits?

How can we free ourselves from these alarming truths

Silica – The Ultimate Element

Is there a natural way to help the body enhance its detoxification pathways?

Lets break the ice on what could become known as the greatest forgotten nutrient for cellular repair and systemic detoxification.

What Is Silica?

..So What is Silica?

Unfortunately, prescribing drugs to suppress symptoms is the standard medical treatment for most diseases. We have forgotten the root cause of all illnesses and clearly are not detoxifying our body from toxins on a daily basis.

It was Linus Pauling who once was said ” You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” .. That is a insightful quote with profound implications.

He only went on to become one of 4 individuals ever to win more than one Nobel Peace Prize.

Difference In Organic Silica Types

Silica is the “uncharacteristic” mineral. There are 3 beneficial forms, including 2 bio-available forms; horsetail herb and orthosilicic acid which is known as organic silica; and one inorganic form, commonly referred to as Diatomaceous Earth.

Most would likely associate silica as rocks or sand, or even Silicon Valley. It is also the main component in quartz crystal and glass, which makes up of the thousands of products, from makeup to computer chips, that rely on this versatile element.

So First lets clear up the difference between:

“Silicone, Silica Gel, Silicon and Silica”

Silicone: is distinct from silicon, which has commonly been used in breast implants and contains a synthetic form of silicon.

Silica Gel: is also a synthetic version which has many purposes, namely to absorb moisture out of the surrounding air and is not fit for consumption.

Silicon: is an element that can not be found in nature by itself in free form. It is only found as a compound with a huge affinity for oxygen which forms Silicon Dioxide (Si02), or Silica when combined.

Silica: is the most abundant mineral compound on earth representing about (25.7%-27%) of the earth’s crust.

Benefits Of Silica

So Now… lets discuss The Health benefits of Silica

Silica is a versatile mineral and has a wide range of benefits as a nutritional anti-oxidant. Acting as a wildcard to protect against many degenerative diseases, it also plays an essential role for radiant health, recovery, and rejuvenation.

One of Silica’s main benefits is the ability to improve the absorption and utilization of key nutrients, which stimulates cellular repair and regeneration.

Often referred to as nature’s internal cosmetic, the silica anti-oxidant is the youth and beauty mineral. It has been scientifically shown to enhance the structure and integrity of hair, skin, nails, and teeth.

It also plays a key role in the bone matrix and calcium metabolism. Many studies are pointing to the combination of silica, calcium, vitamind3, and magnesium for proper bone strength and durability.

Silica also works to promote natural synthesis of collagen, the glue that holds us together. The proper maintenance of balancing a delicate collagen matrix throughout the body helps keep your skin smooth, hair shiny, nails strong, and bones in the best of health.

Silica also improves the durability of connective tissues, which is the most abundant type of tissue found in the body.

Connective tissue includes: cartilage, bone, blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, collagen fibers, which also plays a key role in joint and vascular flexibility providing suppleness and elasticity to the body.

So how can Silica quite possibly be the forgotten nutrient?

The answer must be related to the fact that silica is so universal in biological processes – and so common in our environment – that it is taken for granted.

There is a Book by Klaus Kaufmann titled Silica: The Forgotten Nutrient, who also wrote a follow up book called Silica The Amazing Gel.

These valuable books plus many other credible resources are summing up silica into a single nutrient that can therapeutically help ailments resembling arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease, and even Alzheimer’s ….. it also supports and strengthens the body’s immune system and is a natural anti-inflammatory.

The Truth About Silica

So .. It all sounds great, but…….
How Does Silica Really Work?

Present in all living organisms, silicon is involved in numerous metabolic reactions and is required in normal tissue formation.

Silica is currently a trace mineral. Because of its unique piezoelectric property, silica can create electricity or energy under pressure, which has special importance to the structural molecules in the body and brain … having a direct influence on the overall functioning of blood vessels, detoxification pathways, and cellular rejuvenation.

Despite the abundance of Silica, there are certain characteristics in which it must adhere to in order to become beneficial for the body.

One of which is Bioavailability.

Bioavailability refers to the degree to which a nutrient becomes available to the body for proper utilization.

The bioavailable form of silica is known as Orthosilicic Acid, or Organic Silica.

Orthosilicic Acid Vs. Organic Silica

So where does orthosilicic acid come from? what does organic silica do?

Aforementioned inorganic silica, which makes up 25% of the earth’s crust, does not provide any bio-available dietary silica.. organic Silica comes from the film around grains of sand as well as the secretions from bacteria and diatoms that feed off inorganic silica.

When these silicates are combined with the presence of hydro-carbon molecules, they convert into an organic compound, thus orthosilicic acid is formed. Its fair to say these microorganisms create life from inorganic silicates and water. This represents the neobiogenesis theory, which states that life can spontaneously originate from nonliving matter.

This is why Silica is known as nature’s building blocks and an essential element of all living material. This is evident and proven by the levels found in plants, animals and humans.

Our carbon-based human body is incapable of transforming silica mineral into organic silica. Much like vitamin c, it must be acquired through diet and supplementation. We can only absorb silica once it’s been transformed into bio-available silica by plants or microorganisms.

Organic Silica is naturally found within the bloodstream and is the secret to internal tissue restoration. Orthosilicic acid allows for faster repair and rebuilding of the body’s fast growth tissue areas and cells, where Large quantities are found in the beauty elements; skin, hair, nails, teeth, and bone structure.

It is the organic silica that’s responsible for the formation of collagen fibers which provides the suppleness and elasticity of the body previously mentioned.

Orthosilicic acid is the only form which gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Diatomaceous earth, which we will cover next, can not be absorbed into the bloodstream but is known as the systemic detoxifier and internal cleanser

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

NOw.. Let’s go over What is Diatomaceous Earth?
Diatomaceous Earth, which is between 80-90% silica, is Known as the “The Grass of the Sea” – and is made from the fossilized remains of microscopic shells created by one celled plants called Diatoms. Even though diatoms are microscopic, single-celled algae, they are the basic food of all higher aquatic life forms.

Diatoms create a unique cell wall called a Frustule made of silica or (hydrated silicon dioxide) by extracting silica from the surrounding waters or weathering of sedimentary rocks in the ocean.

Because they are composed of silica, which is insusceptible to diseases and viruses, diatom frustules remain well preserved over vast periods of time.

The number of microscopic diatoms required to produce a rock of any thickness and weight is insurmountable. This is why some refer to it as Fossil Shell Flour, which is a very fine powder because of its rich, dry concentrations of diatom fossils.

So how do these accumulated “dead algae shells” provide any benefit ?

Diatomaceous Earth does not get absorbed into the bloodstream because it is inorganic yet still provides immense value as an internal cleanser and scrubber. Heres how:

Everything Diatomaceous Earth does is either physical action or an electrical action.

The Diatom shells resemble a cylinder full of symmetrical cages shaped like a honeycomb. These honeycomb cylinders have a strong negative charge and naturally attract and bind to positively charged substances such as free-radicals, parasites, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals, e-coli, drug residues and bacteria .. allowing for safe elimination and removal by flushing through the urine and feces. This is what gives diatomaceous earth its natural anti inflammatory capability.

The crystalline cage structure makes for a perfect whole body detoxifier. Diatomaceous Earth passes all the way through the stomach, starting with gastrointestinal tract and leaving through the colon gently pulling and scrubbing the insides. This is why Diatomaceous Earth is nature’s perfect internal cosmetic. It acts as an internal cleanser and scrubber pulling many unwanted, excess waste materials through the body while effectively leaving the beneficial microorganisms.


The naturally strong negative charge diatomaceous earth carries acts as a detoxifier in natural as well. This is why if you plan to supplement with diatomaceous earth, it must be cleansed of its cages and free of all environmental toxins and pollution they absorb.

SilaLive Silica Supplement

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SilaLive Supplement

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