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Beauty is the universal language. The world is rapidly awakening to the versatile, systemic, health-enhancing healing-powers silica mineral provides the entire body.

The deeper one looks into the correlation of the electromagnetic phenomena and the human body, the deeper silica's piezoelectric mineral properties come into significance and importance.Silica / Silicon / Silicone ( specifically diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid) is quickly evolving into a vital essential trace mineral for radiant health, recovery, and rejuvenation.

Aside from Oxygen, Silicon (Silica) remains the single most abundant mineral element found within the composition of the Earth's crust. With it being 46.6% Oxygen and 28% Silicon; silicon has a great affinity for and easily combines with oxygen; when combined, the molecules form Silicon Dioxide (SiO2), commonly known as Quartz Crystal and sand, which is the most abundant compound on earth.

As a health supplement, research suggests (though widely unappreciated and undervalued) when amounts of silica are sufficient throughout our body's systems, it naturally eases and enables the self-healing, repairing, and replenishing process due to the functionality and flexibility this miracle mineral gives the body.

The human body approximately maintains seven grams of Silica, far more than any other trace mineral including Iron. Silica allows the body to maximize its efficiency to absorb, assimilate, and utilize important vitamins and minerals, necessary for optimal health.

In nature, silica/silicon is found everywhere there is a need for structural flexibility, strength, resilience, and elasticity. It is no different acting as the body's master builder or glue that holds us together and is present in almost every single cell. The silica mineral is especially present in fast-growing cells such as hair, skin, nails, and all major connective tissues.

In appearance, silica, a perfectly symmetrical crystalline-honeycomb structure, has the uncanny capability to bind and retain moisture inside the skin's layers keeping the body well hydrated. This promotes the skin's ability to metabolize nutrients and excrete unwanted environmental toxins and avoiding dehydration (arguably the #1 cause of aging/disease). The skin is the body's largest organ and is the only element exposed to both our external and internal environments in which we live in. In order to have healthy, glowing vibrant skin, silica must be present throughout the body along with sulfur, zinc, and vitamin c.

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding silica's fundamental ability for prevention of disease and maintenance of health and longevity. As you will read, silica can simultaneously offer therapy both within and without, it plays a precarious role in creating equilibrium throughout our bodies, providing essential production and renewal of life-giving oxygen we all breathe every second of our lives. Even better, silica was instrumental in creating the very first step which made the development of life on our planet possible.

Read the rest of our incredible silica mineral resource site to see why Silica (and it's useful forms like diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid) will soon be crowned be the supreme antioxidant mineral for life long super health.


Silica Health Benefits

Let's breakdown a simple analogy, giving the bad news first: the human body is a carbon/oxygen metabolic machine that has come to the end of the line. As a species, we live on a planet that is over populated with pollution, hazardous wastes, and living conditions leaving us hopelessly starving for quality oxygen to nourish our cells. We are quickly exhausting all uncontaminated water, food, and air supplies. Record numbers of people are suffering from degenerative dis-eases caused by poor diet, environment, and lifestyle. Our current health care system and insurance model is a myth simply because it has no direct health enhancement effects.

Now the good news: As we are constantly evolving into a species fit enough to withstand the alarming environmental pressures of the 21st century, the fragile carbon/oxygen human machinery cannot maintain or survive without falling apart unless it has the continual support of vital antioxidant nutrients. These antioxidants (vitamins a, c, e, beta carotene, selenium, zinc, sulfur, silicon to name a few) provide the necessary protection against free radicals (harmful particles missing oxygen molecules).

As you continue reading Silica.Org website, as well as some of the health benefits of silica listed below, you will see why silica could be the most important antioxidants of all time. Why? The answer is simple. Although our organic chemistry is based around the carbon atom, it could easily be based on silicon. These 2 mineral elements are very interchangeable, interconnected, and interrelated.

Can our current carbon/oxygen composition be replaced by an upgraded silicon/oxygen makeup? When looking at this question from multiple angles, researching the list of silica mineral benefits, and considering silica supplementation has been linked to helping health conditions such as: hair loss, brittle nails, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, diabetes, aging, ulcers, gastritis, skin disorders, recurrent infections, and many other debilitating diseases, it's hard to ignore the facts surrounding this versatile, low profile essential therapeutic mineral.

It is an undisputed fact that healthy people have blood vessels and other tissues high in silica than those suffering from most degenerative diseases. Will a process of natural selection create a new type of human being operating as a silicon/oxygen organism? Science certainly implies that it is within the realm of possibility.

For now, this is the quick review of research, analysis, customer reviews, personal results, health books, and clinical data regarding the silica mineral (diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid).

Quick Summary Collection of Silica Health Benefits:

  • promotes natural synthesis of collagen
  • strengthens connective tissue, elastin elasticity, & cartilage
  • improves body's utilization and absorption of key nutrients
  • increases cellular self-regeneration and self-repair
  • stimulates cardio vascular flexibility and flow
  • smooth, soft, clear complexion, plump shiny skin
  • healthy, thick, clean, abundant shiny hair
  • improves brittle, weak, dry nails to full strength
  • "nature's internal cosmetic" "natures perfect energizer"
  • provides joint lubrication and osteoarthritis pain relief
  • prevents aluminum buildup helping fight Alzheimers
  • systemic and cellular detoxification and cleansing
  • regulates pH levels and increases body alkalinity
  • increases retention of body heat, electricity, and life force
  • silica is the cement & glue that holds brain & body together
  • immune system booster against degenerative dis-eases
  • solid crystalline structure with piezoelectric energies
  • radiant health, recovery, and rejuvenation

Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade For Weight Loss

Diatomaceous Earth is a soft, siliceous fossilized rock made of the 'dead' algae cell walls/shells of single cell diatoms. These diatoms are made of biogenic silica and silicic acid. (aka diatomaceous earth and orthosilicic acid)

Click the picture below to see a super-magnified view of the perfectly symmetrical, natural crystalline honeycomb structure. This is what gives silica all of its raw power and healing abilities.

Diatomaceous Earth For Weight Loss

Just when you thought it was safe to go outside, along comes another method to lose weight. Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is not a wonder substance and it will not make your heart race like ephedra, either. You can think about it as a completely natural way to help your body take care of itself, though. Eating and lifestyle habits in some countries, like the US, are so unhealthy. And the natural result is your body develops in a way that contributes to weight gain. Let's talk about how this happens and how DE can help.

There are many things that contribute to weight gain and it's a cumulative process. An intestinal tract that's filled with debris and undigested food is a breeding ground for organisms (bacteria) and even parasites. In time, you have a toxic environment that attacks your immune system and entire body. Your body becomes less efficient with absorbing the nutrients you need. What is the result of this unhealthy process?

Eventually you will experience lower energy, a lethargic feeling, and weight gain. There can be a host of other effects, but weight gain is what we're most concerned about, here. An unhealthy build-up of undigested waste in your lower gastrointestinal (GI) tract is very common. All that waste being carried around (24/7) contributes to more toxicity. It's a nasty cycle that will not improve on its own.

So what do you need to do, and how can Diatomaceous Earth help you?

Perhaps one of the most important properties of DE is silica. It's a natural component along with other minerals. Your body uses silica for so many processes that contribute to staying healthy. However, once silica is ingested, then it goes to work destroying unhealthy bacteria, parasites, and yeasts such as Candida albicans. We all all have a certain (healthy) level of the Candida yeast. So you really never want to try and kill all of it and you cannot, anyway.

DE is a natural way to help detoxify your body. The mechanism involves eradicating unhealthy living organisms. The mechanical structure of DE, formed from the outer shell of the algae from which it's derived, has a natural scrubbing effect. What happens is DE scrubs and scrapes away all that accumulated waste from the walls of your lower GI tract.

Now you can see how DE can help with weight loss and detox in a most natural way. As expected, the US Food and Drug Administration has not signed-off on DE. But that's not surprising if you follow the on-going back and forth between the FDA and natural approaches.

Using Diatomaceous Earth is pretty simple and straightforward. Be sure to use food grade DE only for internal use. Food grade quality means the DE has been essentially cleaned from naturally occurring living organisms. Simply follow the directions for safe use which is adding a small amount to the beverage of choice.

Keep your self well-hydrated, though, to avoid a chance of constipation. And remember, more is not always better so use with common sense and judicious approach.

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Diatomaceous Earth: Bed Bugs, Ants, Fleas, Garden, Plants

Diatomaceous Earth For Bed Bugs, Ants, Fleas, Mites, Garden, Plants

There are few natural substances comparable to Diatomaceous Earth (DE) in terms of usefulness across the board. In our age of synthetic compounds and side effects, DE is a tough competitor with few precautions for use. The toxicity of DE is zero, and the only concern is keeping the dust out of the eyes, nose, and mouth. Today, let's focus on how you use diatomaceous earth to effectively combat ordinary, unwanted bugs in and around your home.

A quick summary of food grade diatomaceous earth's action on insects of any kind is to remember the main precaution with continued breathing of the fine dust granules. Insects such as bed bugs, fleas, mites, flies and other small organisms are unable to withstand the dust's effects. It's easy to imagine these small insects will quickly be overcome by the dust. The dust attacks and damages their eyes, mouth cavity, protection shells coverings (chitin), and internals.

Diatomaceous Earth granules are extremely small, microns, and have very sharp, rugged edges. The dust will cause very small cuts on all parts of insects. Another effective quality is the very small size of the granules will interfere with the insect's ability to breathe. So DE effectively eliminates insect populations in a variety of ways – and all without any toxic chemicals.

Bed bug infestation is a widespread problem for millions of people. You can easily apply DE to get rid of these embarrassing and unhealthy critters. To treat your bed, carefully dust the mattress top and work it into the material. Be sure to dust on the sides of the mattress, as well. Flip the mattress and dust the underside because you want a protective layer of DE between the box spring and main mattress.

Be sure you take precautions if you have pets, and it's best to avoid dusting your carpet so your pets stay safe. You do not want your pet getting the dust in the eyes.

If you want to protect your plants and gardens from damaging insects, simply use DE either as a dust or a solution of DE and water. Information based on personal experiences provide a wealth of information about how effective DE can be. Here is a list of various insects vulnerable to Diatomaceous Earth.

Remember that you have to treat your plants at the proper mixture, or solution. DE can treat against the following: aphids, ants, cockroaches, boll worms, corn worms, common house flies, fruit flies, spider mites, termites, boll weevil, and there are more.

For mixing solutions, you'll find some differences with suggested ratios between DE and water. You can do some research and get ideas, but in the end you can simply experiment on your own. Remember to keep the solution mixed well before using since the DE can settle to the bottom.

You can use Diatomaceous Earth to treat practically any kind of growing plant, bushes, or trees. And you have some options with either spreading the dry powder or applying the DE/water solution. For trees, you can directly put the solution on the trunk. Keep in mind that DE as a solution can have a drying effect, so avoid using too much.

Trees: Sprinkle liberally on the ground and around tree trunks. Tree trunks can also be painted with a mixture of Diatomaceous Earth, water, flax soap or a wetting agent. This will inhibit migration of various fruit flies (maggot stage), worms and the Japanese Beetle (grub stage). When a spray is desired, refer to spray rates.


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Diatomaceous Earth: For Pets, Livestock, Feed Health


Diatomaceous Earth For Pets

More pet owners are discovering the benefits of Diatomaceous Earth for their dogs, cats, birds, and other nature's friends. A good way to think about DE is that it provides the same benefits to your pets as you would enjoy. You can do more with animals because they get fleas and hopefully you do not! DE is not toxic although there are some precautions you should take. We'll cover that and more as you read on.

Your pets will be naturally protected from insects, internal parasites, ear mites and more. Diatomaceous Earth can improve the internal and overall health, as well. But let's first talk about how DE fights off bugs and creepy crawlers on and in animals.

Very quickly, DE is fossil material created by algae millions of years ago. This “earth” material exists in rich deposits and undergoes processing for non-industrial use. A very close-up look at DE will reveal what appears to be ground up glass. That's a common explanation and analogy people like to use.

It is this microscopically feature that gives it the ability to kill microscopic organisms. The DE causes mechanical damage to bacteria, very small insects and parasites. And this can happen either outside the body or internally. But it's safe for internal use, but make sure you are using food grade DE.

One important note is Diatomaceous Earth is restricted in some US states such as Texas. So be sure you check on that, but typically if you can find it for sale, as food grade DE, then it's likely to be legal. But it doesn't hurt to do your own due diligence on this matter.

How Pets Benefit from Diatomaceous Earth

Here are a few benefits your beloved pets will receive from DE. Always be sure you are not using industrial grade DE on your pets. Ingestion of non-food grade DE can be fatal to your pet.

DE eradicates, controls, and eliminates the following:

  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Ear mites
  • Lice
  • Worms

You  also need to know the best, most effective – and safest method for using DE for different pet problems. The most often-cited precaution is to always avoid breathing in the finely ground DE dust. Remember how DE kills micro-organisms due to the sharp microscopic edges. So you can imagine what can happen if it gets in your eyes, or the eyes of your pets. And in general, you want to keep the dust out of the mucus membranes which means the nose and mouth.

Fleas are the most common problem with outdoor pets. Still use food grade DE for exterior applications because you know how pets clean themselves. But for fleas, you'll want to apply a small amount of the DE dust to the coat. Be extremely careful with this and avoid using too much. You do not want to create a dust cloud, and always move away from the head area, toward the tail.

You can and should find additional information about using DE, or you can talk to a qualified and knowledgeable veterinarian. When it comes to your pet, you cannot be too careful.

We've talked mainly about external or topical uses of DE. But let's not forget about supplementing your pet for internal health. How much you give your pet, or other animals that are not pets, depends on the weight. But no matter what, take the positive steps to ensure your pet stays healthier, for longer.

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